Reduce Spending

Save On Food

Food is in the top 5 of household expenses, so it is important to keep an eye on the food budget.

We could go very deep into how you can save on food, how to use coupons, what grocery stores can offer the best deals, but we’ll try to keep this one very simple as we feel that there are very quickly diminishing returns in trying to reduce food expenses.

The main factor driving up food cost is eating out. So keep eating out to a minimum. And that’s it! With that simple advice you’ll save the bulk of your money on food.

Then, if you’re on a stretch you can add:

  • No premade food, cook your own!
  • drink more water, remove soda and alcohol from your diet
  • if you eat meat, buy chicken, turkey or pork (if you can) rather than beef

And no, you do not need to eat ramen all year long. Rice, pasta, beans, lentils can serve as a good base. But you’d be surprised to realize that veggies are not always extremely expensive and the variety of meals you can easily cook can allow you to have a healthy diet without breaking the bank on food.

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