Contemplating the beauties and wonders this world has to offer and therefore realizing  there’s more to life than the soul-draining 9 to 5, Mrs. & Mr. Honu are on a quest to grow passive income streams, escape the rat race and go wander around the globe to share new experiences.

We’ll share on this website the tools and processes we put in place in our quest towards financial independence, the lessons we’ve learned, or more precisely the mistakes we made 😉, so others can also benefit from our journey.

We truly believe that a few simple steps and a healthy dose of discipline is all it takes to reach financial independence. Most people could reach financial independence if they choose to and a small amount of financial literacy can go a very long way.

There are other joyful reasons pushing Mr. Honu to write this adventure: Mini Honu, when you are of age, I hope you can learn from these words and build the future you dream of.

We hope the content we’ll provide will help you achieve your financial goals.